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Honey Feet Yoga

Where sustainability meets functionality.

Sustainable | Affordable | Non-slip


This mat is definitely a game changer.


I love it. It’s great for hot yoga. Not slippery at all!

Jen S.

It was truly so sticky, I felt like I had the best practice ever since I wasn't fussing with my towel.


Honey Feet Original 5mm

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About Cork

Cork is a natural non-slip material which means the more you sweat, the stronger the grip! Cork is also a naturally breathing material and self cleans without inducing odor. No more smelly mats!

The Honey Feet Process



Our cork comes from Oak Tree bark from Portugal. No trees are cut down in this process. The first bark stripping occurs once the tree reaches its 25th year in age. The same tree is not touched for another ten years. We continue to strip bark from the same tree, only once, every ten years.


Natural Tree Rubber

Our tree rubber is 100% natural and imported from Malaysia. It has a much higher density than man-made rubber, allowing more cushion and stronger support for your yoga practice. It is completely eco-friendly and does not contain PVC or TPE like other yoga mats.


Final Product

The cork is submerged into natural tree rubber backing at a high temperature, bringing the materials together so we don’t have to use any glue or latex. Our mats are completely natural, mildew proof, & ventilated.